I am an independent filmmaker, with over ten years of experience in directing film, TV advertising and branded content. I have a rich track record for a host of leading clients including Hermes, O’Neill, Xbox, McDonalds, Shell, BBC, ITV and Sky.

Another dimension of my work, equally significant to me, is a focus on filmmaking that addresses social and individual marginalisation. Here, my work has captured for the screen inspirational, pioneering intervention projects involving, as examples, street children in Ethiopia, young adults with early stage psychosis and young people at risk of becoming involved with gangs and street crime.

My instinct is to collaborate. I enjoy the challenge of working closely with my clients and translating their creative concept imaginatively to the screen. My aim is always to do this in a way that exceeds their expectations.

I communicate sensitively; I establish relationships quickly; I strive for empathy always.

I love new ideas, new challenges, new partnerships I would love to hear from you.

Most directors’ About pages are self-congratulatory puff pieces. Caswell’s is the opposite. Everything he says he is, he is. Caswell made our project better, in every way, and was a distinct pleasure to work with throughout. His engagement with collaborators – client, crew and post – was clear, consistent, comprehensive and, above all, creative. And with that level of engagement comes complete trust.

Neil Shanlin - Creative Director AMVBBDO

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