August 06, 2018

Caswell Coggins Delivers Teaser For Anticipated Arrival of 13th Dr Who


With his customary elan, freelance director Caswell Coggins has delivered this impressive 40” teaser that heralds the hotly anticipated arrival of the thirteenth Dr Who.

Unveiled during half-time of the 2018 World Cup final, it tantalisingly revealed Broadchurch actress, Jodie Whittaker, soon to star in the history-making new run as the very first female incarnation of the iconic role. The teaser provides an entertaining introduction to her new companions, too, with Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh all succumbing to the Doctor's mischief.

Given the keen anticipation that always surrounds this immensely popular character, Caswell's inventive and playful piece does not disappoint.

July 17, 2018

David Reviews: Doctor Who "Time Jumps"

From David Reviews:

First broadcast during last Sunday's World Cup final, this 40" teaser heralds the Thirteenth Doctor's impending arrival with some chronological high-jinks. While Jodie Whittaker's Time Lord wafts through time and space, her new companions - Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, and Bradley Walsh - experience some temporal disruption, including replenished pizzas and Beano reissues.

Ther's something about Jodie Whittaker which has upset some Whovians. We suspect it's that she's from Yorkshire which is, obviously, a bit weird... but the die-hard fans are just going to have to adapt to the incongruousness of having a Doctor who sounds like she should have her arm up a cow.

Director Caswell Coggins displays his usual elan in piecing together an impressive trail.

February 20, 2018

David Reviews: Shell "Tom Ashworth"

From David Reviews:

Many will recall the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey last summer. The storm struck Houston, Texas particularly hard, and Shell pay tribute to those who put others first during the crisis. We learn about volunteer Tom Ashworth's dedication to his local food bank. His colleagues' testimonials confirm Ashworth's selfless nature.

He's an unusual figure to put in front of the camera, because he's very frail as well as being elderly but this is part of his story, and the awe-struck and admiration from his colleagues is genuinely inspiring.

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